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Using Specialized Contractors in the Gig Economy @ Saint Paul RiverCentre
Mar 7 @ 3:30 pm – 4:45 pm

This session is part of the MCN Communications and Technology Conference. Participants must register for the conference in order to attend.

Many nonprofits need access to specialized knowledge workers, but don’t have the budget or workload to justify hiring those skills as permanent staff. Solutions can be short-term gigs, outsourced contracts, or retainer agreements. How does a nonprofit work effectively with a consultant or contractor for specialized communications and technology needs? Three local consultants — two experienced in the field, one recently launched — share tips and recommendations for maximizing the opportunities of gig work while minimizing risk. Results of a qualitative research project gathering wisdom from local organizations will also be shared. This is a future-facing presentation equipping organizations to anticipate the full development of trends we are already starting to see.
Steve Boland, managing partner, Next in Nonprofits; Ruth Hamberg, lead consultant, Squaretree / Next in Nonprofits; and Lisa Tabor, owner, Culture Brokers