May 29, 2014 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Hamline University Klas Center
1537 West Taylor Avenue
Hamline University, Saint Paul, MN 55104
$45 for MCN members, $65 for nonmembers
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

Crowdfunding is getting capital contributions from lots of small donors to achieve a specific project, using social tools and a deadline to increase urgency and leverage social support. This session will review the common tools (Razoo/GiveMN, Kickstarter, Indiegogo) and the elements of successful campaigns that leverage the unique assets of social networks to accomplish an end. Participants will see examples of what makes a crowdfunding campaign different from raising any other type of capital, and learn to lean on allies as the key messengers for bringing in significant money through many small donations.

The session will cover five specific elements that make a fundraising effort a crowdfunded campaign. These elements often bring more success to nonprofits which engage all five principles via the right internet tool. Participants will leave with:

  • an understanding of platform costs and benefits
  • strategy priorities for engaging your supporters as advocates
  • ideas for rewards to encourage both donations and sharing, and
  • tools to measure which parts of your campaign are lighting up with energy (and of course, which may be going dark).

Join this session for a primer on how your nonprofit can take the next steps to bring this new option to bear for your mission.

This session will follow Facilitating Innovation in Your Organization from 9 a.m. – noon. Sign up for both sessions for a full Day of Innovation!

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