Next in Nonprofits https://www.nextinnonprofits.com/podcast is 45 minute, interview-style podcast targeted to management and decision-makers of small- and medium-sized charities. The intended audience often does not have a large staff, and needs to understand opportunities and challenges to improve their work relying on volunteers, limited staff, and contractors, rather than whole departments some larger nonprofits may use. These decision-makers (board members, executive directors, program directors) are often not technologists or people with the time to dive deep into every area of nonprofit management. They are skilled and committed generalists who want to learn from others in accessible, actionable language.

Guests of the podcast may be recorded in person if in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, but more often will be recorded remotely. NiN can record remotely using Skype, Zoom, Meet or other tools. Please let us know if you have a preference and we will send a link when the calendar date is set. NiN requests podcast guests:

  1. Use an external microphone – not an integrated laptop mic. Microphones integrated into other devices don’t provide great quality in many cases, and part of that is the distance one must comfortably site for a laptop mic to record. NiN recommends a USB connected microphone, such as this Samson or this integrated headphone mic.
  2. Use headphones or earbuds. Any set will do, just to keep the audio from the other end of the conversation being picked up by your microphone and recorded as an echo in the final program.
  3. Find a quiet space. No space will be perfect, but ideally not next to a dishwasher going on and off or a door loudly closing.

The program is recorded (not broadcast live), and will be edited for sound quality. It is preferable to not edit for content or interruptions, as this can disrupt the flow of a conversation and take the listener out of the content. However, if a mistake is made or a large noise interrupts, it is certainly possible to edit that out of the final version.

Next in Nonprofits will create a webpage of each episode, and feature a picture of the guest(s) for that episode. The picture should be at least 300 x 300 pixels, and preferably larger such as 1080×1080 or so (no need for print-level resolution). NiN will also include show-notes with links to topics as well as the guests’ personal web page (or LinkedIn account, or Twitter profile, or whatever is preferred).  All episodes are Creative Commons licensed, and may be shared without permission so long as the sharing site provides attribution to Next in Nonprofits.