Next in Nonprofits logoNext in Nonprofits believes charities and their missions can create more change in the world with better tools, more community support, and a commitment to genuine engagement. We focus on emerging ideas which produce results. Visit our services page to learn more about what we do, and read on to learn who does those things.

Steve Boland

Steve Boland, Managing Partner | [email protected]
651.356.8896 | Twitter | WebsiteLinkedIn
Steve Boland is a nonprofit veteran with over twenty-five years of experience helping charities grow with new ideas in fundraising and communications. He has served as executive director of Saint Paul Neighborhood Network, the Summit University Planning Council, and Greater Frogtown Community Development Corporation before founding Next in Nonprofits. Steve has presented over 100 learning sessions on topics such as crowdfunding, engaging corporate philanthropy, and social media strategy for nonprofits. He disputes his Myers Briggs Type characterization of  “Commander” as any kind of apt descriptor, as authentic leadership never comes from issuing orders. A graduate of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Steve holds a Master of Nonprofit Management from Hamline University, is an alumnus of the Shannon Leadership Institute, and serves as co-steward for SEIU Local 284’s unit at Hamline University.

K Cross

K Cross, Constructive Consultant | [email protected]
 is an experienced nonprofit professional, consultant, and educator with a passion for project management and creating equitable, accessible systems to support mission-driven work. They support fundraising efforts, event planning, and staff development. Cross came to the nonprofit world from the education sector where they honed their abilities to facilitate rigorous conversations, engage diverse audiences, and make groan-worthy puns. As the inaugural Program Director for the creative writing nonprofit Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute, Cross published three student-authored books in partnership with local teachers and Wise Ink Creative Publishing, revamped five arms of programming serving 1200+ students annually, and re-designed fundraising outreach for the annual Trivia for Cheaters Tournament to net over sixteen thousand dollars for the organization. Beyond the office, Cross is a fervent cook, coffee fanatic, and museum goer. They serve on the steering committee for the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network and Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy Leadership Institute (EYLI) where they enjoy learning from and mentoring emerging leaders across the sector. After a lifetime of moving around as an Army Brat, they are happily living and learning with their partner, cat, and plants in South Minneapolis.

Ruth Hamberg

Ruth Hamberg, Connections Consultant | [email protected]
651.245.0076Twitter | Website | LinkedIn
Ruth Hamberg supports mission-driven organizations through marketing and communications, event production and organizational development. With experience in strategic planning, appreciative inquiry and community engagement, she connects the details of implementation with the big picture thinking required for long-lasting impact. Ruth’s work builds on five years as the engagement specialist for Minnesota Compass (Amherst H. Wilder Foundation), which provides data to inspire action across the state. She built strategic cross-sector relationships, managed a portfolio of 15+ Minnesota funders, led social media and delivered research presentations to community leaders. Prior to working with Minnesota Compass, Ruth served as Speakers Bureau and Media Relations Coordinator for Greater Twin Cities United Way. Ruth’s Myers-Briggs Type is “The Protagonist.” Outside of work, Ruth leads or supports initiatives that unite people in service, shared vision and joy. Her personal passions include salsa dancing and vegetarian cooking. With nonprofit and research experience from India to Ecuador and roots in North Minneapolis, Ruth now lives and works in St. Paul with periodic remote work from Latin America.

Damon Runnals

Damon Runnals, Constructive Consultant | [email protected]
Twitter | LinkedIn
Damon Runnals’ professional Venn diagram consists of three circles: implementation, relationship building, and strategic vision. As a full time father of two girls he has put all his level up skill points into patience, time management, clear communication, and accountability. An entrepreneur and jack-of-many-trades Damon is the owner of, co-owner of Swandive Theatre, and currently works as a Creative at Apple. In his spare time he crafts end of world adventures for Dungeons & Dragons.

Jarvis, a dog (beagle)Jarvis, Senior Executive Vice President of Morale and Employee Wellness
Jarvis joined our team in 2016, from a shelter in Ohio and without the extensive resume he most certainly has earned. His work involves ensuring employee movement breaks, and generally being a joyful presence everywhere he goes. Jarvis has thus far been uninterested in completing a Myers Briggs inventory, but those who have known him feel that “Defender” is his likely type.