Charities Review Council with Kris Kewitsch

Kris KewitschThe Charities Review Council‘s mission is “to mobilize informed donors and accountable nonprofits for the greater good.” Tools like the Accountability Standards help donors and nonprofits understand each other better, but new challenges continue to arise in how people give, and how charities seek support. The Council has launched a public conversation about these issues with the #DisruptMN campaign, engaging a lot of people across the state in questions about how and why people give to charity.

Kris Kewitsch is the executive director of the Council, and joins Steve Boland to talk about transparency in giving, reasons people give, and how nonprofits can engage audiences in many ways to grow support for mission work. Listen now by clicking the player above, download the file for later here, or subscribe to the podcast on your phone for automatic updates. Get more details on how to subscribe on our podcast page..

Special thanks to AlphaGeekRadio for hosting our show!

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