LeviWeinhagenLevi Weinhagen is the Communications & Media Specialist with the Minnesota Council on Foundations. “Levi helps MCF members better understand and tell the stories of the work they do and the communities they serve. Levi also works with writers, photographers, and other artists to tell the stories of how philanthropy impacts the state, the region and the country.” MCF produces the podcast Fast Forward, with interviews and ideas with philanthropy leaders.

Levi is also the host of other podcasts, such as the Pratfalls Podcast. Levi joins host Steve Boland to talk about the idea of podcasting in the nonprofit sector – why now is the time to start reaching engaged, in-depth audiences around mission work. The conversation ranges from how often to podcast, how much time is used in the process, and also specific issues like what tools to use.

Listeners are encouraged to join Levi and Steve for a live conversation and demonstration on using podcasts to increase mission engagement at the Minnesota Nonprofit Technology and Communications conference on April 12 at the Hyatt Regency in Minneapolis. (Yes, it’s the early session. Yes, it will be totally worth it.)

Helpful links for those considering starting a podcast:

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