John Hecklinger and Chad McEvoy

John Hecklinger and Chad McEvoy

BRIDGE is the Basic Registry of Identified Global Entities, The goal of BRIDGE is to “revolutionize information sharing in order to better understand and track the flows of philanthropic dollars and thereby enhance transparency and effectiveness in the global social sector.” The first step in the process is to create a unique number for every charity, including local chapters of larger charities, and to ensure there is accurate contact information connected to that specific nonprofit.

Host Steve Boland discusses the goals and process of BRIDGE with John Hecklinger, Chief Program Officer of GlobalGiving, and Chad McEvoy, the Project Manager for BRIDGE. The discussion includes the need for such a global system to understand individual charities in context, but also the potential uses for BRIDGE numbers to help solve several plaguing data problems in the nonprofit/nongovernmental sector.

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