GiveMN with Jake Blumberg

Jake BlumbergJake Blumberg is the Executive Director of GiveMN, whose mission is to “Ignite generosity and grow giving.” GiveMN coordinates Give to the Max Day, a collective giving day each November in Minnesota, and provides tools to grow and process online giving in Minnesota.

Jake has been on the podcast before (in February 2016 and June 2016) as changes have come to GiveMN. After Give to the Max Day 2016, with another technical glitch during the day, GiveMN surveyed donors, nonprofits and others to consider changes and get feedback. Host Steve Boland talks to Jake about Give to the Max, growing giving, reasons fundraisers have short tenures and more.  Jake also talks about RaiseMN, a new pilot project from GiveMN to build development capacity with smaller scale nonprofits. Applications are due March 24, 2017.

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