Jenna ChristensenJenna Christensen is a digital strategist with ArcStone, “a full-service digital agency. Marketing, design, and technology professionals sharing a common vision of service, craftsmanship, evolution and happiness since 1997.”

ArcStone has published some guidance on “Should you buy or build a custom WordPress theme?” The article provides some key questions, some ideas on potential costs, and opens a bigger conversation about using WordPress as a web publishing platform for nonprofits. Jenna joins host Steve Boland to talk about the issues many charities run into using WordPress as their web framework, using plug-ins in that environment, measuring success and planning for longevity in a dynamic world. ArcStone also has blogs available about the updating privacy policies for 2018, using Divi in WordPress, and more.

Listen now by clicking the player above, download the file for later here, or subscribe to the podcast on your phone for automatic updates. Get more details on how to subscribe on our podcast page.

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