Seeing the power of collective giving.

Charities often spend a great deal of time seeking support from foundation grants, but more money is given from individuals than institutions. Nonprofits can start to think about this differently, and individuals can see their own power, when they aggregate their numbers.

What is “content marketing?”

Getting found by people who didn’t know they were looking for you.

TEDx1000Lakes 2011 – Freeing the Value of Ideas

The old way of thinking is traditional copyright. Locking down your intellectual property may actually slow down your mission work and inhibit value. Opening your work for sharing increases value, and allows the chance to raise money based on expanded impact.

Social Media Breakfast #47 – What’s Next for Nonprofits and Social Media

Social Media Breakfast MSP had a lot of questions on how nonprofit organizations can improve what they do with social tools.  Steve Boland joins the panel and emphasizes user control and cooperation, rather than treating social as a broadcast.

TEDx1000Lakes 2012 – Hyper History

The theme for this TEDx event was “Kids These Days”, and this talk focuses on the increasing pace of change. Young people have only ever known change at hyper speed, and it isn’t going to slow down. Kids (and the rest of us) need to learn fast adaptation rather than outdated facts.