Kari Aanestad is the Director of Advancement at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, whose mission is to ” inform, promote, connect and strengthen individual nonprofits and the nonprofit sector.” Part of Kari’s work is to understand trends in giving and how organizations communicate to supporters of their work.

Changes in tax law last year means fewer people will itemize deductions, so while gifts to charities are still deductible, more people will not see a financial benefit from giving. Learn more about those changes and tactics for nonprofits in our episode with Russell James. Kari joins host Steve Boland to discuss a recent report in the Star Tribune about early results from year-end giving campaigns in 2018, how these numbers don’t show a dramatic or pervasive decline in giving, what motivates donors to give beyond a tax deduction, and how to stay informed of trends in this area. M+R Labs has shared some thoughts, and some combined historic data is available from the Fundraising Effectiveness Project.

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